Databoss: The ultimate data quality check

Augment your data pipelines with AI/ML data quality checks



  • Integrates easily into your Enterprise IT landscape: Pre-built adapters let Databoss connect to many standard enterprise components and reduce deployment efforts to a minimum.
  • Use AI to check data quality: Sophisticated AI models and state of the art Machine Learning give your data sets a deep scan and allow to check for highly complicated and hidden data failures.
  • No code onboarding: Ready to use for data analysts and business experts. Empower broad user groups to leverage AI and ML.

How AI works for Data Quality

Databoss’s checks use advanced machine learning and AI to automate data quality and detect data failures. This ensures reliability for enterprise data systems, regardless of scale, number of sources, and complexity of data types and structures.

Use AI to inspect your data sets and test if everything is as it should be. Identify deviations and problems that escape human experts.




  • Check if distributions of attributes and values are as expected.
  • Test significant correlations and verify that that they exhibit the expected accuracy.
  • Compare attributes with defined warnings and error thresholds
  • Check latest values against forecasts and trends
  • Observe if associated metadata from arrival time, data volume and sources can be classified as normal
  • Check for missing data and absence of segments

Works with your infrastructure

Databoss integrates easily with most modern data orchestrator and transformation platforms. It can be deployed in a minimally invasive way and avoid disruption and friction. Its collection of adapters ensure that it can read data from most persistence stores – from cloud object storage to distributed NoSQL databases to classic Enterprise Data Warehouses.

Each individual check is packaged as a docker container and uploaded to your container registry. From there it can be dropped into your existing data pipelines and workflows.


Data Quality Dashboard

Get an immediate overview of all data quality issues in your data infrastructure: the Databoss dashboard receives real-time updates from all smart checks that are deployed in your data pipelines.


  • See what issues need to be addressed immediately
  • Manage data health across your whole landscape
  • Identify hot spots that require management action
  • Understand health trends early on and apply preventive measures

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